Last spring when ESPN announced a college-level eSports match, many conventional sports fans criticized against it. Despite anybody’s preference for eSports, it’s making big money and is bagging a lot of fame. One university is now making a grand entrance into the eSports domain.

University of California, Irvine broadcasted their “first-of-its-kind official eSports initiative”, last week, which will begin this fall. The big idea comprises of an eSports arena in the student center which will be completed with a 3500-square-foot studio for live streaming eSports competitions, as well as around ten scholarships offer to UC Irvine’s eSports team members.

The eSports arena will be characterized with 80 gaming PCs which are going to be utilized for classes along with gaming, as stated by UC, Irvine. The collegiate eSports team seems to have a great deal of support on campus as comprehended by “a recent survey of students found that 72% and 89% support the creation of an eSports team”.