Third Old God Revealed

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Since the Whispers of the Old Gods began a little while back, Blizzard has been revealing quite a handful of new cards. The meta purpose of these releases was to bring in a number of Old Gods cards, also called finisher cards. But in order to utilize the Finisher cards, a deck required minions. Fortunately, the Old Gods cards have been accompanied by numerous of minions as well as other cards.

The most recent reveal brought forward the third Old God card. Y’Shaarj has arrived into the Hearthstone Old Gods roster and is accompanied by a couple more cards. Pretty much the pattern we have been noticing lately.

The first two Old Gods cards, N’Zoth and C’Thun had a set of unique and strong effects. Y’Shaarj is not so surprisingly, another massive 10 mana card and 10/10 body set. What’s brilliant and dangerous about Y’Shaarj is that it has an immediate and looping end-of-turn effect that brings a minion right out of the player’s deck. This effect can be used sort of a cheat with Y’Shaarj on the grounds. You can bring lots of powerful and costly minions into play and utilize Y’Shaarj’s effect to reduce the mana cost. Think Giants, and dragon cards like Malygos and even legendary cards like Mal’Ganis.

Now the question is, how do we bring a massive 10-cost card like Y’Shaarj into play in the first place?

The card reveal answered this question with the introduction of Ancient Harbinger. The card brings a rather weak 4/6 to the grounds. But the plus begins from the 6-drop stat and ends with the start-of-turn effect that allows you to bring a 10-cost minion from your deck. This will help the player bring Y’Shaarj or any other Old God for that matter into play.

Another duo of cards that was revealed include Cabalist’s Tome that brings 3 random mage spells into the player’s hands. And Skeram Cultist, which allows C’Thun a 2/2 buff.

Let’s wait and see what else Blizzard has in store for the Old Gods reveals.