Team EnVyUs is one of the bigger organizations involved in the eSports industry. After they acquired Hubris to open up their Overwatch wing, a lot of fans were disappointed. More so, quite some disagreement was stirred among other existing teams at the time of the signing. With an organization like EnvyUs signing teams like Hubris so early during the beta, it felt like an opportunity lost. However, for a major chunk of the eSports community, the signing was a step for the game itself, a major step towards becoming a popular title on the eSports platform.

Recently, news broke out that Team EnvyUs will be disbanded due to inconsistency and bad performances throughout numerous tournaments.

During the time of signing Hubris, Mike Rufail made an official statement on their website that he expected EnvyUs to stick together as a single unit. Now, that statement seems pretty incorrect. During the past two months, Team EnvyUs has been subject to news of constant squad reshuffling, players leaving, giving walkovers in tournament, and losing.

Their latest defeat at the King of the Beta tournament that pulled the last straw. The defeats against Cloud9 and Luminosity paved way for Taimou to leave the team and join up with his old squad, IDDQD.

With EnvyUs Overwatch being dissolved, the current team will probably become free agents and move to other squads. However, the organization has made it slightly evident that they are looking for a new line up and will be signing soon.