Natus Vincere and Vega Squadron had been dominating their groups at the third season of WePlay Dota 2, a few days back. Both squads had remained undefeated during the group stage games and made it through to the playoffs. Fans have been waiting anxiously for the next round of games and now, a couple of then have finally concluded. However, none of us expected the upset that was seen at one of the games.

Natus Vincere got wiped out of the WePlay Dota 2 Season 3 tournament by Team Empire. The Russian side is now headed back home after a devastating loss against a squad that was doing half as good as them during the group stages. Huge blow for Na’Vi and a great victory for Team Empire.

The games that took place in the series made Na’Vi seem like amateurs, conceding two losses. The first game kicked off in balance, with both teams being able to secure a decent amount of CS and get a few kills on the board. The game was level until Team Empire was able to win one of the team fights and take out Na’Vi’s towers. Slowly but surely, Team Spirit was able to move into their base and get the Ancient.

The second game saw Team Empire take control right off the bat, grabbing first blood before the one minute mark. They were able to take Roshan down the first time around which allowed a little edge on the map. Both teams traded team fights late into the game until Team Empire was able to take away a few of them in a row and meet objectives.

With the kind of performance that Na’Vi had been giving during the group stages, most of us had expected that they would at least be able to give Team Spirit a tough time and grab a single win in the series. Nonetheless, the conclusion of the series suggests that Team Spirit still holds a decent amount of tricks up its sleeve when it comes to Dota.