StarCraft Pros Charged for Fixing Games

 StarCraft Pros Charged for Fixing Games

Esports has grown exponentially over the past decade as a new industry. In fact, the growth has probably surpassed other industries when it comes to accelerated booms. With games like LoL, Dota, CS:GO and many other competitive games, it is not a surprise to see these games turning into professional sports, pumping out athletes.

As such, it was always inevitable, that in a competitive industry, there will be those that will want to take advantage of the system and attempt gain more illegally. Two Korean StarCraft professionals were recently charged for fixing games at a high level.

Lee ‘Life’ Seung Hyun, 2014 WCS champion and 2015 IEM World Championship semifinalist Jung ‘Bbyong’ Woo Yong are the two players that have been charged for fixing games.

Allegedly, Life fixed two games at the KeSPA Cup in 2015 for $124,000. While Bbyong has been said to throw a game on purpose at the Global StarCraft League in January. Allegedly, he did this for approximately $50,000.

Apparently, Life had already been charged, tried and convicted for the game fixing in January, and had received a fine of the same amount that he had taken for the fixing. Although prosecutors appealed to the court and demanded a harsher punishment.

No doubt both players are going to be receiving timed bans from all tournament and leagues. A lifetime ban is also a possibility.

Saad Usmani

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