Spring Global Championship Day 1 Eliminations

 Spring Global Championship Day 1 Eliminations

Heroes of the Storm has enjoyed quite a handful of tournaments in 2016. Teams from all over the globe have competed and grabbed their spots on the ladder. Most of these leagues have pertained to certain regions. The current standings for HotS teams need to be streamlined. The world needs to know which team is actually the best.

The Spring Global Championships kicked off just for that purpose. Now that the first day of tournament has come to a close, we can see what squads were able to push through to the second round and which won’t be going any further.

The first group stage saw Chinese Edward Gaming top their group without dropping a single game in its match. Alongside the Chinese squad, the Korean based Team No Limit was able to pretty much dominate their group as well. They weren’t ready to lose a single game in their match ups either. We can safely say that these two have set the stage for a stellar second round of the Spring Global Championships.

For the European side, mYinsanity lost to No Limit and Edward Gaming. This pushed them back to only be able to have a claim at the runners up position. In much the same way, North American representative, Team Naventic lost to both group toppers as well. They are on their way to play in the second round for the runners up position as well.

Four regions have already been eliminated. Big Gods from Latin America, Taiwan’s GIA, Renevatio from South East Asia, and Australia and New Zealand representatives Negative Synergy. This leaves a pretty clean floor for the rest of the remaining teams to compete on.

Myinsanity and EDward Gaming will meet eStar Gaming and world champions, Cloud9 in group A. For the runners up, Naventic and No Limit will go had to head against Team Dignitas and MVP Black.

Let’s see who comes out of these stages for the finals and $150,000 in prize money. More importantly, title of world best HotS team.

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