Dota 2 is a game that has received unprecedented levels of popularity among the MOBA community. So much so that the game reached the eSports platform in barely any time and that too in a big way. After enjoying a short span of small scale league and tournaments, Dota 2 joined the big leagues with multimillion dollar tournaments.

Now, it looks like the Vietnamese will be joining the craze in a big way. On April 15th, 2016, Playdota Star League will be kicking off solely for the nation of Vietnam.

On Friday, 8 invited Vietnamese based Dota 2 teams will go head to head for a prize pool of $750 and kingship of Dota 2 in Vietnam. The format of the tournament is pretty straight forward with all 8 teams going in for the initial round robin. The top 4 teams that come out of this will be moved forward to a double elimination bracket where the games are set to be best of one games.

The two finalists out of the double elimination bracket will then face one another in a normal offline game. The Gathering is one of the biggest Vietnamese Dota 2 parties that actually happen. According to, the organization aims to keep the grand finals during this party.

We have seen quite a lot of leagues and tournaments for Dota 2 on a global scale, or a regional scale. However, it is refreshing to see a national Dota 2 league set up for a single nation. Although the prize pool is rather low, Playdota Star League will be a decent step for the Dota scene to be encouraged in Vietnam.

The invited teams are Colosseum Gaming (CGC), Gameware, Next Generation, Pewpew, IM.911, BlameTV, Cybox, and Best Friends Forever (BFF).