ROCCAT Goes Through Major Makeover

 ROCCAT Goes Through Major Makeover

Last year saw major changes in squad lineups, from individual reshuffling to complete teams being dissolved. Before the 2015 season ended, most teams went on the hunt for free agents and newly rising players as spots in their lineups were emptied.

the 2016 season looks like it is going to be no different as we move from the Spring split to the Summer Split. Spring season has already seen quite a lot of players moving to new teams or joining the free agent pool. ROCCAT is one of the few who will be going through major changes for the Summer split, with 4 of their original lineup players, not attending the new split.

ROCCAT recently announced that 4 of their players will not be able to play in the Summer split for them.

Erik ‘Tabzz’ Van Helvert and Lewis ‘Noxiak’ Felix will leave the bot lane all open as neither one of them will have their contracts renewed. Whether the move originated from the team’s management or the players themselves, we aren’t sure, but surely, both will be joining the free agent pool. ROCCAT’s main support player Edward ‘Edward’ Abgaryan is experiencing VISA problems that will not allow him to join the European LCS. Simon ‘Fredy122’ Payne will not be returning to his top lane position either.

This leaves jungler Karim ‘Airwaks’ Benghalia and mid laner Felix ‘Betsy’ Edling to be the only two players part of the team’s lineup.

The squad hasn’t exactly had a decent Spring season, pocketing a total of only four wins. However, the management has announced that they will announce official changes to their roster as the Summer split is about to start. New players and new chemistry might just be the remedy they need.

Saad Usmani

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