PGL Announces CS:GO Events

 PGL Announces CS:GO Events

CS:GO eSports has already been underway for a while this year. It seems more and more tournaments and leagues for the popular first person shooter are popping up. Recently, Twitch and Faceit came together to form an entirely new eSports league of their own with $3.5 million in prize pool money. Now, major Chinese eSports company, ProGamer League (PGL) has decided to expand their gaming horizons to CS:GO and launch new events for the game.

The events are categorized as PGL Spring and PGL Summer. The first offline event will kick off on April 23rd. It will take place at Beijing’s MasterCard Center. This event is going to be the PGL Spring event which will feature teams facing off against each other for a set prize pool. As of now, two teams have been announced and more are to come. TyLoo and Vici will be going head to head in the first game for the PGL Spring, leading to more games against other teams that are yet to be announced. The squads will fight for $15,000 in prize money and a chance to enter the PGL Summer event.

The PGL events are progressive in nature. The PGL Spring leads up to PGL Summer. PGL Summer is expected to kick off on 10th June as a leading tournament to the PGL Spring. 4 spots in the summer event will be decided by the winners of the spring event. The rest may be invitational or based on qualifiers, these details are yet to be announced.

PGL Summer is said to sport a larger prize pool of $100,000. The kind of progressive system that these PGL events will follow seems quite fair, in that, merit will lead to bigger wins.

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