Overwatch has been under a closed beta testing phase for over 17 weeks. During this time, the first person shooter MOBA has experienced quite a lot of growth in terms of popularity and commercial appeal. With the game getting through its infant stages, it might be time for another shooter to join the ranks of CS:GO.

Many organisations taking part in the eSports culture have been eyeing Overwatch as a potential investment in the future when it matures enough. For now, the title has enjoyed small scale tournaments and leagues hosted by small organisations with enough capital to help give a slight push. King of the Watch is one of the more popular tournaments where teams go head to head for title and small prize pools.

A recent announcement broke out stating that Overwatch will be shutting down its closed beta servers for good. This was pretty dreadful news. However, something to look forward to are the open beta signups that will begin on May 5th, 2016.

Closed beta servers will be shutdown on April 25th, after which the title will go into hiatus and come out with the appropriate kinks. The next time we see Overwatch will be when the game is ready for open beta, meaning a step closer to public release.

We do not expect a lot more announcements or changes before 24th May. This points towards the possibility that the public versions of Overwatch will be available during the open beta phase which lasts 4 days.

We can barely wait for Overwatch to experience its moment of true glory when it finally releases to the masses. Although it will take a while for the shooter to get to the eSports platform in a big way, it will definitely be worth the wait.