Orange Taring Make a $45,000 Partnership

 Orange Taring Make a $45,000 Partnership


Before anything else, did you know that the Malaysian government has an official Dota 2 team? Not entirely shocking that but interesting to know that the Malaysian government loves a good Dota game.

It seems like the government’s love for Dota 2 has exceeded a certain level, whereby it agreed to collaborate with a Malaysian eSports organization. Orange Taring, which is the name of the squad recruited by the Malaysian government, will be joining hands with one of the largest Malaysian eSports organizations, Orange.eSports.

In a recent press conference in Kuala Lumpur between the two organizations, details of the partnership were set and announced.

The deal brought together a total of RM175,000 ($45,000) that will be invested into the Orange Taring project. If the deal is executed, it will become the largest Dota 2 sponsorship by a Malaysian organization. Of the $45,000, $25,000 will be invested by the Malaysian government through Team Orange Taring and the remaining $19,200 by Orange.eSports.

In addition to these finances, the project will be receiving dedicated training facilities in Johor Bahru, to be used by the Orange Taring team itself.

The players currently on the team have been offered contracts that will be valid for 5 months. During this time, the team will participate in events on a regional and global level with the mentioned financial backing. Towards the end of the contract, the players will be offered to increase their contracts by 4 months to December 31st.

The management is going to be handled by Orange.eSports. Makes sense too given the Malaysian government might not have the amount of exposure to eSports events as the actual eSports organization. Firduas ‘MasterRamen’ Hashim has been assigned team advisor.

The current roster includes Ng ‘YamateH’ Wei Poong (Captain), Chua ‘Ice’ Chee Cai, Sim ‘Ling’ Woi Cheng, Law ‘Nj’ Chee Hoong, Byron Young ‘Syeonix’ Meng Keen, and Roger Tan ‘Roddgee’ Boon Thye.

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