OpTic Lets ShahZam Go

 OpTic Lets ShahZam Go

OpTic Gaming is one the more popular eSports organizations that have come a long way from being org-less. In Early 2016, OpTic Gaming had freshly been acquired by one the largest eSports organizations in North America. This brought them quite a lot of fame, and fortune, lots more fortune. Being acquired by a large organization has its monetary perks.

However, being acquired by such a large eSports organization did not pan out entirely favorable for starting AWPer and founding member Shahzeb ‘ShahZam’ Khan. It was recently announced that OpTic Gaming will be cutting ties with him.

Shahzeb is going to be replaced by Oscar ‘mixwell’ Canellas who played his first international tournament last month in the ESL Expo Barcelona with his former squad gBots. His team did not fare entirely well overall in the tournament, but he showed a lot of potential, especially in the major games against Fnatic and Dignitas.

Although Shahzeb had recently been cut off from the organization that he helped build, he did not seem too unhappy about it. This is what he stated in a recent Twitter upate:

“No longer playing with @OpTicGaming, I’ve decided to take my talents to South Beach ;)”

“There’s nothing more I wanted than to stay with OG but unfortunately it wasn’t my decision, best of luck to m1xwell and the guys!”

OpTic Gaming had suffered quite a few losses in the more recent leagues. The team had been failing attempts to get into international tournaments. One of these attempts was the Valve major at Columbus. It was probably this decline in performance that led to the removal of Shahzeb.

Shahzeb will be replaced by Damian ‘Daps’ Steele as team captain.

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