OnlyWatch Announced for Overwatch

 OnlyWatch Announced for Overwatch

Overwatch is maturing pretty decently for a recently launched game. The first person shooter MOBA is a rare breed of games that is only going to pick up now. Many organizations have been eyeing Overwatch for its potential to become part of the eSports culture. It will still take the shooter some time to get onto the platform in a big way. However, for now, Overwatch has to make to with small scale events and tournaments with not so large prize pools.

BaseTradeTV recently announced its very own Overwatch tournament, with a unique twist. The OnlyWatch tournament was recently rescheduled by the organization to the 19th of April.

BaseTradeTV decided to bring a twist into the Overwatch games that had been going around in other tournaments and leagues. The OnlyWatch is going to be a control only tournament in which there will be no offense or defense. This nullifies the need for a countdown. Instead, two teams are going to go head to head for control of a center position that will be situated in a symmetrical map.

BaseTradeTV has set up a nifty platform for a different sort of game in Overwatch that might just be more exciting than the traditional games.

The current prize pool for the tournament is $510. The sum is quite less but can be increased through matcherino donations. Along with the prize pool, 6 Corsair headsets and Blizzard Overwatch hats will also be distributed to the winners.

The tournament is open for all but the servers are based Europe. Registrations can be made through GosuGamers.

Let’s see how the unique game goal pans out when the tournament kicks off on the 19th of April.

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