Oceanic Esports Scene to Get Upheaval

 Oceanic Esports Scene to Get Upheaval

When eSports as a rising industry and culture is taken into account on a global level, automatically, most of us direct our attention to whatever is happening for the scene in the North American and European regions. Some of the pie falls in the Asian region as well. Considering the events, leagues and tournaments in these, we can safely say that eSports has grown exponentially over the past few years. With more and more organizations and individuals taking a keen interest in the industry, it continues to flourish.

While the Asian region has enjoyed a certain share of the industry, the Oceanic regions have barely been able to dip their toes into the scene. However, a new eSports organization going by the name of Nuovo Gaming was launched on Wednesday, with the primary goal of promoting the Oceanic eSports scene. Alongside the actual launch, Nuovo Gaming has already signed two Australian based one man teams. StarCraft 2 professional Ethan ‘iaguz’ Zugai and Hearthstone player Tom ‘Tomflr’ Finlayson joined the organization on Wednesday.

Nuovo Gaming’s management suggested that it has been eyeing everything happening on the eSports platform in North America and Europe. It wishes to offer the same resources and opportunities to players and teams in the Oceanic regions.

Nuovo CEO Alex ‘GLogics’ Gonzalez expressed his opinion on the matter.

“The Oceanic eSports scene is struggling due to unhealthy relationships between players and organizations. There aren’t enough professional-level organizations involved in the region to give these players a proper home. Players are undervalued and it is currently unrealistic to make gaming a career in this region compared to others, where it is easily viable. We’re here to change that.”

Nuovo Gaming believes that although the regions that it caters to have been left far behind in the eSports scene and are practically cut off from most of the events, it can still shed a rather bright light for players there.

Saad Usmani

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