Na’Vi Releases HotS Roster

 Na’Vi Releases HotS Roster

Natus Vincere came a long way after coming out of hiatus. Won a couple of tournaments and redeemed themselves. However, since their star player and default AWPer GaurdiaN has been out of the scene with a serious wrist injury, they have hit a slump that doesn’t seem to end.

Recently, news broke out that Natus Vincere has disbanded its Heroes of the Storm squad. The reason that the management gave was that the HotS team had not been performing up to standard consistently and had to be let go.

Na’Vi’s HotS team had a rough start in 2015, not winning a lot of games and conceding to squads in big upsets. In addition, quite a lot of roster changes and squad reshuffling hindered team chemistry and gameplay. However, early 2016 saw the team take the Enter the Storm Cup home. But it was not enough for them to be guaranteed a spot at the Spring Global Championship.

Team manager Andrey “Kimi” Kvasnevsky made a statement regarding the release.

“First of all, I’d like to express my gratitude to all the players who contributed to the development of this team. Each of them left the footprint here. Though the achievements of the team weren’t always perfect, I am pretty sure that each of them put every effort. One day comes the moment when you need to say “Goodbye” to some people, teams, etc. This is the moment. I’d like to wish good luck to the guys in their future undertakings in eSports or outside. You are the Born to Win and will always remain ones.”

One of the team members seemed distressed as well. Alexander Grumstrup showed his distress on his Twitter page.

“Sad that i will not play for @natusvincere anymore, thanks for everything. Will stay in the scene and continue to aim towards being the best”

We don’t know whether or not Na’Vi will be wanting to fill up their HotS squad again, but the new free agents should be able to find good spots at different organizations.

Saad Usmani

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