Na’Vi Bow Out of ECS

 Na’Vi Bow Out of ECS

About 3 weeks ago, online live streaming giant Twitch and online gaming company FACEIT created a major eSports league going by the name of Esports Championship Series (ECS). ECS will bring eSports games like CS:GO, Dota 2, Hearthstone, League of Legends and more, to a rather large platform. Given the size of both organizations, ECS was expected to sport gigantic prize pools for its tournaments.

The league did not disappoint. $3.5 million was placed into the series as a whole, which is a pretty heavy amount considering this is only the debut season. CS:GO is going to experience the largest prize pool ever set apart for the game.

However, fans were disappointed when news broke out that Na’Vi will not be participating in the ECS at all. This will be added to the list of tournaments and leagues that Na’Vi has bowed out of.

It’s been a while since Na’Vi had decided to return after a season of hiatus. They went on a roll with a couple of tournaments, after which they fell into slump that does not seem to end. The squad moved out of the CEVO Gfinity Finals, as well as the DreamHack Austin Open tournament.

In an official statement, Na’Vi stated that with a lot of scheduling pressures and star player Ladislav ‘GaurdiaN’ Kovacs wrist injury, it has been difficult for them to be at full form. Kovacs is Na’Vi’s default AWPer and responsible for setting up a lot of winning rounds for the squad.

Na’Vi will definitely be losing out on a large prize pool and a decent amount of prestige, but they will be returning in the debut season of Turner’s ELEAGUE.

Saad Usmani

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