Luminosity Take MLG Columbus

 Luminosity Take MLG Columbus

The MLG Columbus finally came to an end after a series of grueling rounds. When the tournament kicked off a little while back, we were excited to find out which of the more renowned team will be taking the cup home this time. Although there were a few surprises and turn arounds from the likes of Na’Vi, the end result showed who really is at the top of the ladder.

In the MLG finals, Natus Vincere went head to head with Luminosity Gaming for the trophy and the prize money. After a brilliant two rounds, Luminosity was able to send Na’Vi back to the bench.

MLG Columbus was the first CS:GO Major for 2016, which is probably why the win is being considered pretty big for Luminosity. The squad has been able to grab the top ladder position now that the first Major has come to an end.

The tournament finals were cut short by the Brazilian side after they beat the CIS mix squad in first two consecutive maps that were played. The first map, de_Mirage saw a tie between the two teams, after which a tie breaker was set up. This was won by Luminosity 19 to 17.

In the second round, one would have expected Natus Vincere to show some resilience, given the fact that they were quite the hype back in their day. De_overpass saw Na’Vi’ fain only 2 rounds after which Luminosity trampled them over.

Later on, Luminosity Gaming updated their Twitter.

“We are champions. We couldn’t have done it without you! Nós somos campeões. Não conseguiríamos fazer isso sem vocês!”

Looks like they are more than happy to have taken the Major. However, we still think Na’Vi should have given the fans some more.

Saad Usmani

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