King of the Watch is Back, With a Twist

 King of the Watch is Back, With a Twist

Another week, another round of King of the Watch. Overwatch is a first person shooter that is still pretty much in its infant stages, considering other games like it. Many organizations have their eyes on the game, talking about bringing it to the eSports platform in a big way. Although numerous squads for Overwatch have let their presence be known, the game has still not received the kind of spotlight that CS:GO has right now. It is going to be a while for Overwatch to mature enough to be brought to a larger platform. However, for now, all the excitement and fandom movies towards the King of the Watch tournament that is back again with another grueling handful of games.

Creation Esports is the organization responsible for hosting the small scale Overwatch event, almost every week. King of the Watch has been ruled by IDDQD for quite a while now. They have maintained their position for longer than any other team. Fans were beginning to question whether any other team would be able to call themselves King.

Unfortunately, for IDDQD, the way to go is pretty sad. The Kings will not be able to defend their title in this round of King of the Watch because of recent roster shuffling they did. The shuffle rendered them unable to compete without a full team. Not exactly a cool way to go down for a King.

In any case, the empty throne will be fought for by second best Overwatch team and underdogs at 10th place, Gringos. Gringos have been playing decently in the past few games and tournaments, therefor, they do have a shot. are probably pretty confident about their position on the ladder.

Let’s wait and see whether Gringos will be able to outperform their ranks and take the throne for themselves.

Saad Usmani

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