Khadgar Ups Mage Class

 Khadgar Ups Mage Class

Hearthstone sees quite a lot of updates. With Whispers of the God well underway, more than a handful of cards have shown face. Minions, spells cards and more continue to stack up the decks in the game. Blizzard is keen on introducing card after card. It had only a couple of weeks since Lady Liadrin took birth in Hearthstone’s decks as a Paladin hero, now, we have been introduced to the third mage hero already.

Khadgar is a mage hero, and the apprentice of Medivh who was added as a mage hero before Khadgar. However, the new mage is cheaper than Medivh, Alleria and Magni. The card costs only 4.99 Euros. The downside is that the card can only be bought for iOS devices as part of Apple’s campaign called AppsforEarth. This means that all of the money being used to purchase the card will be redirected to the WWF for welfare.

Ben Brode and Frodan are streamers who bring live matches to fans on Twitch and showcase some cards from The Grand Tournament expansion. Fans are looking forward to more reveals with the streamers. Perhaps the alternative heroes to Druid, Rogue, Priest, Warlock and Shaman that fans were looking forward to, could be part of Brodan’s next stream.

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