Jess Brohard as compLexity Marketing Manager

 Jess Brohard as compLexity Marketing Manager

Esports organization, Complexity has been going through a somewhat makeover. The group has been experimenting with its players, shuffling them here and there and picking available, good talent. At the same time, Complexity has also been messing around with its management and administration. The organization had been on the hunt for a new marketing manager for a while, and now they have finally found the right fit.

In a recent announcement on their official website, Complexity Gaming reported that after literally hundreds of applications, they were able to find the right marketing manager. Complexity will now be benefiting from the services of Jess Brohard as marketing manager.

As a marketing manager at Complexity, Jess is going to responsible for driving the eSports organization and its agenda forward with clever marketing. In more technical terms, the new manager is going to have the burden of delivering the outbound marketing strategies of the organization to the public, particularly the eSports scene on a global scale.

Jess Brohard has been a part of the gaming industry for most of her professional years. She was an intern at Ubisoft in her senior year at college, after which she went on to host quite a few eSports events. After moving to a marketing position out of the gaming industry, Jess realized her passion for the gaming world and decided to move back.

This is what the CEO of Complexity had to say.

“We’re very excited to welcome Jess to the compLexity family,” said Jason Lake, Founder and CEO.  “Our organization is one of the most historic in eSports.  While this is something we are proud of, we recognize the need to refresh and revitalize our efforts across the board.  Her hiring is the first step in what will be a renewed compLexity for 2016; a re-birth if you will.  I’m confident Jess will bring a new level of passion, creativity and fan interaction to lead our brand into the next decade.”

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