Inevitable Heroes Roster Shuffling

 Inevitable Heroes Roster Shuffling

For the most part, at the end of every season, or early on into a new one, squads and eSports organizations tend to want to move their players around. This shuffling and reshuffling of squads and line ups in pretty inevitable. Teams want to be able to make the most of previous seasons and let go of or bring in new players. The purpose of all of this is to prepare well for the next season with the strongest possible line up.

As sad as it may sound, it is important for eSports teams to let go of players that are not performing up to standard. As such, it is apparent that Heroes of the Storm squads are trimming away extra baggage for the Summer and events to come. So1dier, Srey, and Erho are the first 3 to be relieved of their duties.

Pretty soon after Josh “So1dier” Milner called quits, Quinn “Srey” Fischer announced that he will be leaving Tempo Storm. Srey had initially replaced Wade Penfold as the shot caller at the Warrior position for Team Tempo Storm. Now that he’s left the squad, Tempo Storm needs to find something fast from the emerging pool of free agents and win some games.

After Team Naventic were sent home from the Spring Global Championship in Korea, they want to make their first ever roster shuffle. Aaron Kappes will be leaving the Warrior position at Naventic. The spot will need to filled quick and it needs to be filled well by someone enough expertise to get Naventic some wins.

The 3 mentioned above are the first 3 free agents. This means that more are headed into the pool and squads will have the opportunity to pick from these if their line ups aren’t complete.

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