Immunity Banned From CGPL For Life

 Immunity Banned From CGPL For Life

Only recently did we hear that Team Immunity is heading towards the offline Lan CGPL finals. And if we aren’t mistaken it was quite a lot of hassle that the squad was able to actually make it to the tournament at all. In any case, Team Immunity had managed to gun their way to the top of their groups and eventually the finals. Now we are getting news that their team has been permanently banned from all future CGPL games.

It was all pretty strange. The date for the final was set but Team Immunity unexpectedly decided to opt out of the finals. According to CGPL rules, all teams that have participated in the games cannot drop out at anytime, this was probably made official through agreements. Team Immunity, however, chose to drop out anyway and it seems like CGPL took it hard. The organization decided to hand over the squad a permaban.

Team Immunity will be unable to attend any tournaments held by CGPL. The organization is responsible for many popular contests and events all over Australia. Whether or not the permanent ban is a setback for Team Immunity, we don’t know for sure. But they will lose out on a certain amount of exposure.

According to a statement by the team, they were unable to attend the CGPL finals because the date clashes with the launch date of another international event that the squad has been invited to. They obviously made a choice.

This is an official statement made by the team on their Facebook page.

“Unfortunately, tonight CyberGamer has banned our CS:GO team for the next CGPL season. The ruling has been passed down due to the fact that an international tournament we have been invited to coincides with the CGPL LAN Finals and although we are seeded in first place, we will be unable to attend the Finals event. Although the outcome of CyberGamer’s decision is unfavourable, we do not regret our actions in preparing to compete in any and all international tournaments that we can. As an organisation, we will always look for opportunities to raise the skill level of our players and subsequently (through osmosis by playing back at home), develop the skill level of Australian E-sports.

We are adamant that every Australian gamer dreams of having the opportunity to compete internationally. We, as well as the other Australian teams who have been competing in the international arena, strive to make this possible for not only our own teams but the communities who follow us.

As a community, we should be proud to have our country represented overseas at some of the most prestigious competitions in the world but unfortunately, this ruling promotes the opposite. It is our view that this ruling should not have applied to teams who are looking for further challenges internationally, but rather focused on teams that disband or deliberately disobey.

As an E-sports organisation, we have loyally supported the Australian gaming scene since our beginning and will continue to do so into the future. Although we may not compete in upcoming CyberGamer competitions, we will participate in every other Australian CS:GO competition that we are able to.

We wish the best of luck for all remaining teams in the CGPL competition and we look forward to competing against you all again soon. Good luck, have fun.”

Saad Usmani

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