IGL Announced for Asian Region


The CS:GO scene has grown tremendously in the North and South American and European regions in the past year. With abundant Majors and Minors taking place in these regions, the CS:GO platform has seen tournaments and leagues with prize pools over a million dollars.

Now that CS:GO has more than picked up in the Asian region as an eSports platform title, organizations that have been keeping an eye out are rushing to create a series of events and leagues.

As such, the IGL (International Games League) has announced that it will be placing $200,000 in a new Chinese CS:GO league.

The format of the League is going to be following the same group stage procedures that we see in other Major tournaments. It will kick off with a series of qualifiers that will eventually fill up 16 spots that will make up the groups to go forward with. When the group stage games are done, the number of teams would have brought down to half of what the tournament started with, leading to the playoffs. This number will be sunk down to four teams that will be taken to the offline finals for a shot at the $200,000 prize pool.

Teams that make it to the top two positions will also earn spots at the annual LAN event, that will feature teams from two seasons of the IGL to face each other.

This will be one of the Majors that the Asian region has seen. It is a decent step towards bringing CS:GO to the eSports Asian platform in a bigger way.