HPL Championship Back From the Dead

 HPL Championship Back From the Dead

According to rumors eSports organization, PVP Live might just be returning in a big way into the league scene with their old HPL Championship. They have been away for quite some time from the scene and now wish to come back with a slightly bigger bang.

The HPL (Hearthstone Pro League) Championship had been kicked off by PVP Live almost a year ago in June 2015. The format of the league was stretched over a rather elongated period of time, we’re talking months. Unfortunately, the league suffered major delays that resulted in an even longer wait period.

At the time of its inception, back in June 2015, the HPL Championship was considered one of the larger scale and specialized leagues that set the standard and landscape for the Hearthstone competitive scene. Initially, the tournament boasted a prize pool that went up to $60,000 with 16 players invited from Europe, NA, and Asia to go head to head for it. The battles were meant to be prolonged over a course of three months.

The duration of the league was what set it apart from other Hearthstone leagues. The HPL’s elongated time period gave the game a sense of the importance that it deserved and is now receiving on the eSports platform. It was PVP Live that initiated such glamor for Hearthstone, but it is unfortunate that the league ended up being postponed numerous times.

When the tournament kicked off in June 2015, the group stages went without any hiccups. However, the delays started with the playoffs. The final stages of the league were planned to be held in August but were pushed to November so as to wait out the World Championship. But they were again postponed to early in 2016. 8 players that passed the group stages are still wondering whether they will get a shot at the $60,000 prize pool at all.

It looks like that the players will now be going head to head for an increased $75,000 prize pool. This will make the HPL the highest paying invitational tournament for the year, yet. PVP Live sure is coming back with a bigger bang.

Saad Usmani

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