HotS Fall Championship Update

 HotS Fall Championship Update

As if the tournaments already underway, and those come to pass like the Spring Global Championship, weren’t enough. Heroes of the Storm is already geared up for yet another global league that will take competition to the next level.

Blizzard recently brought further updates to the HotS Fall Championship. Although the announcement only revealed part of the tournament process and details, it is enough to get fans riled up and teams locked and loaded.

According to the latest news, Blizzard has decided to keep a rather heavy prize pool that teams will go head to head for. The company also gave way to the location of the tournament itself.

Alongside releasing details of almost every eSports related events that will take place at the current year’s Blizzcon, the organization also gave away the location for the Fall Championship. The tournament is going to be set up at the Blizzcon itself, with a rather large venue dedicated to it, along with a decent audience. It’s noteworthy that the Blizzcon will take place pretty close to Blizzard’s headquarters. It makes sense that the company would want to end their major eSports event with a bang, close to their home.

For the prize pool, Blizzard is offering up a huge $1,000,000 for the teams to get a shot at.

For MVP Black, the Fall Championship is going to be looking like another shot at a lot of money and a little more fame. For NA and EU however, this is going to more than just money. It’s going to be a shot at redeeming themselves after a devastating defeat at the Spring Global.

Unfortunately for every team except the winner, there is going to be only one trophy for whoever comes out on top.

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