Hearthstone Singapore Majors

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone, being one of the most widely played card turn based games, has numerous tournaments to its name. Now, Hearthstone players of the Southeast Asia are going to get their very first Major.

Players in the Asia-Pacific regions will finally have an opportunity to earn a bunch of local HCT points in the coming weekend’s Singapore Major competition.

The tournament is going to offer 256 slots for players to have a shot at the leagues and gather a bunch of HCT points. 256 players will go head to head for 43 HCT points and $5,000 prize pool. The first round is going to consist of the double elimination format with 32 top players of the region. 5 of these 32 got a paid trip to the tournament after reaching top spots at community polls in their respective countries. The 3 included Thai GosuCup grand finalist Sanya “Ledah” Niruttinanont, Malaysia’s Asia-Pacific 2015 qualifier Renjay “Zadkiel” Avila and Yew Weng “wkyew” Kean of team Immortals Gaming.

As for the format, the games are going to sport a best of 5 system with each player given the chance to ban 4 classes off the other player.

The tournament will stream on Friday on the Hearthstone SEA Twitch channel.