Hearthstone Receives Strongest Minion Yet

 Hearthstone Receives Strongest Minion Yet

The Whispers of the Old Gods set has been receiving quite a handful of cards recently. Now, they are coming in at a larger frequency than when it was set out initially. It looks like Blizzard is keen on crowding Hearthstone’s rosters faster. Very recently, a pair of epics came out of the workshops as part of the upcoming Old Gods set. Hearthstone has been blessed, or punished with Blood of the Ancient One, and Warrior: Blood Warriors.

Blood of the Ancient One, which is a neutral minion, is a 9/9 for 9 mana card. The unique effect that this card carries is the ability to be able to merge with another copy of itself to form another, more powerful card. Blood of the Ancient one utilized a copy of itself, in order to be combined into The Ancient One, but only at the end of a player’s turn. The Ancient One is a superpower, stand-alone card with a massive 30/30 for 9 mana minion. In fact, it is the strongest card that Hearthstone has ever seen in its time. If the player is able to have The Ancient One survive to the next turn, it can devastate the entire game.

However, such might not be the case most of the time. The Ancient One is formed only at the end of a turn. This allows the other player to deal with the problem, which is usually not so difficult if he/she is focused on it. That makes The Ancient One’s undeniable strength, quite useless.

On the other hand, Blood Warriors is a 3 mana Warrior spell, appears to be a combination of Blood Rage and Echo of Medivh. The card might not prove entirely useful. While Battle Rage works for card advantage, Blood Warriors does not affect the deck and is unable to bring fatigue.

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