GuardiaN Finally Decided to Bench it Out

 GuardiaN Finally Decided to Bench it Out

Natus Vincere is one of the more renowned CS:GO teams. The squad came out of hiding a little while back and took the platform by storm. Their performances across major tournaments and leagues have been consistent, they’ve even become fan favorites once again. The new squad that Na’Vi has been playing with consists of legendary AWPer GaurdiaN and star player for the team.

Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács helps Na’Vi to the extent that the team is sometimes dependent on the skilled AWPer to get them wins. Recently, GuardiaN announced that he would not be able to play at Malmo due to a wrist injury. This dampened Na’Vi’s hopes and even their fans’. The Malmo was going to be tough without their default AWPer. However, even more recently, Na’Vi officially announced that GaurdiaN would in fact be playing at the Malmo in his regular position. They stated that a week of recovery for Kovacs would be enough, although a lot of fans disagreed with the duration. The AWPer himself indicated the seriousness of the injury when he said that he was forced to increase the mouse sensitivity 4 times in order to play properly.

Now, finally, Na’Vi has announced on their Twitter page that GaurdiaN will not be able to play either the Malmo tournament or the PGL 1v1. His injury has gotten worse and needs to rest.

“OK GUYS, HERE IT IS. @guardiancsgo will miss both DreamHack Malmo and PGL 1v1. His hand got worse:(“

According to another Tweet, Starix will be substituting for Kovacs at the Malmo.

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