GuardiaN to Attend Malmo

 GuardiaN to Attend Malmo

Na’Vi has come a long way after coming out of hiding, into the CS:GO scene. Natus Vincere was once the most favored team that took tournaments and leagues by storm. After a certain hiatus period, the squad returned. GaurdiaN has been one of the better players in Na’Vi. The AWPer is capable of pretty much taking an entire opposing team by himself if the rest of his teammates help set the kills up for him.

With Dream hack Masters Malmo coming up pretty close, Natus Vincere’s wins were and losses were being foretold somewhat by the presence of GaurdiaN on their side. Ladislav “GaurdiaN’ Kovacs had suffered an injury recently that had led him to announce that he would probably not be attending the Malmo tournament.

The CS:GO community, moving towards the Malmo tournament, had been plagued by the question as to whether or not GaurdiaN will be attending as part of Na’Vi or not. Existence of the injury and its intensity was confirmed by the player himself during a game. He said that he was forced to increase mouse sensitivity 4 times because of the RSI pain that he was suffering from.

Although, GuardiaN himself had stated that he would be unable to attend the Malmo tournament, Na’Vi itself has recently updated the community with the news that the AWPer will in fact be playing in his original position instead of benching.

Na’Vi manager Eugen “Ugin” Erofeev had something to say about the situation.

“After consideration of all the pros and cons, it was decided that the team will participate in DreamHack Masters Malmö 2016 with no stand-ins.  GuardiaN does have problems with his hand. He will be recovering before the tournament. This includes necessary treatment and no playing. The team will be training without him. Ladislav will play at the tournament with the team as we do not want to miss this event.”

So it looks like GaurdiaN will be playing for Na’Vi afterall. Although we think he would have required more than a week to recover. Time will tell if his performance is up to mark or not.

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