The Green Wall bags NA Stage 1 Finals

 The Green Wall bags NA Stage 1 Finals

The professional American eSports team, OpTic Gaming, once again showed great potential by bagging $250,000 and the North America Stage 1 title against Rise Nation. The match was remarkable as it left the other team beyond belief with a score of 0-3.

Rise Nation made every effort against the competitive gaming company in order to secure the match. But even after some great performance shown by individuals of the rival team, the Green Wall attained the best.

The professional eSports organization, Rise Nations’, comeback took the game to its final map i.e. round 11, lighting it up with a 2-1 win on Evac CTF. This win nearly made its way into the history books as one of the greatest comebacks in the history of Call of Duty eSports. Around 200,000 contemporaneous viewers are eyewitnesses to this across Twitch and MLG with official scores to be confirmed by Activision.

Green Wall entered the tournament with only 2 losses attached to them after just 9 weeks of CoD eSports. Their weekend just about drew a close at the beginning when a challenge by Team SoloMid menaced to ruin the party for OpTic Gaming fans worldwide.

Optic Gaming showed its potential against eLevate with a 4-0 score which lead them to the grand finals. This showcases their outstanding credentials by S&D and Uplink for the prerogative to becoming Stage 1 winners. Overhearing disclosed a self-assured, motivated and properly attuned team at the seasons’ climax-to-date.

Rise Nation, yet, did the entirety in order to vindicate their runner up position in the eSport league and also the playoffs, individually and as a team that split up from the actual winners by one round. Rise fought with immense determination against the worlds’ finest group that played their level best. The stage might have been set for a mouth-watering competition throughout the second Stage.


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