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GaurdiaN to Attend Malmo Playoffs

Ladislav ‘GuardiaN Kovacs had been the subject of a lot of discussion recently with the Malmo tournament underway. The starting AWPer and star player for Natus Vincere had been experience quite a slump in his performances in recent games. Having suffered a rather serious injury on his wrist, he was unable to play up to mark in a lot of games. GuardiaN himself reported that in one of his recent games, he had to increase the sensitivity 4 times so that he could play decently.

As such, it was rumored and then announced that he would not be playing for Na’Vi in the Malmo tournament, which was a major loss for the squad. A few days before, we heard news that GuardiaN would in fact be playing in his usual spot as the AWPer at Malmo. This announcement was reverted again close to tournament, stating that he would not be attending the games. And that stuck.

Now that the tournament has reached the playoffs stage, news came that GaurdiaN will be participating in the playoffs for Na’Vi. The AWPer himself made a statement regarding his entry:

“I had laser and ultrasound treatment all over my right hand, had inflammation of joints of bones and inflammation of certain muscles. They also did massage. Now should be all okay.”

This suggests the seriousness of his injury. But both the CS:GO community and Na’Vi are thankful he’s healed up nicely and will be playing at Malmo.

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