Fnatic Knocked Out of MLG Columbus

 Fnatic Knocked Out of MLG Columbus

CS:GO is probably the most played first person shooter today. As such, it is one of the most competitive games to have been brought to the eSports platform. Few squads dedicated to the game have claimed their spots at the top of the ladder and try to hold that peak for as long as possible. Other teams attempt to topple the kings over and claim the throne. Recently, Fnatic, considered the best CS:GO team to date, was overthrown by one of the big four names in CS:GO.

News recently broke that Fnatic have been knocked out of the MLG Columbus tournament 2016. Here’s the surprising bit. They lost to the Danish side, Astralis.

You would expect a renowned team like Fnatic to go down guns blazing. But apparently, Astralis were able to pretty much dominate the games they had against the best CS:GO team. The match was a best of three and Astralis was in total control during the first two maps. That is all it took to beat Fnatic 2 to 0.

Astralis took the first map, Overpass with 16 to 10. This, and a whopping 16 to 5 in the second map, Cache. This is not a defeat, this is more towards total destruction. Fnatic were losing the second map 13 to 0, until somehow they were able to grab 5 rounds so they won’t be aced.

The MLG has not been kind to Fnatic. The group stages saw the squad lose out to Team Liquid. After which they had to beat FaZe Clan to get through to the quarter finals. Olof “Olofmeister” Kajbjer commented after the games were done, that he was suffering from a wrist injury, which is why his performance had been low. Safe to say, Fnatic was staggering their way to the quarter finals and were taken out of their misery by Astralis.

Astralis take this win and move forward into the semifinals. Considered now one of the more favored teams in the MLG Columbus, they have a good shot against Na’Vi and Luminosity Gaming. Let’s see how things turn out after the semifinals.

Saad Usmani

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