E-Frag Lets Go of CS:GO Squad

 E-Frag Lets Go of CS:GO Squad

E-Frag, alongside organizing tournaments, have a set of squads of their own that they use to compete. Although the tournaments and leagues that E-Frag hosts are relatively small scale compared to those organized by larger entities, the group has enough in its belt to maintain a couple of teams including that of CS:GO.

Recently however, we got to know that E-Frag will be letting its CS:GO team loose. The agreement was made mutually between the organization itself and the squad that was competing under the name. Effective immediately, E-Frag’s CS:GO squad will probably be joining the free agent pool, unless the players have been planning their moves for a while.

In any case, E-Frag has let it be known that the parting did not create any enmity between the two parties, and that the journey has been quite positive.

E-Frag is primarily an organization that specializes in hosting and promoting events, tournaments, and leagues. These small scale events take place in quick succession. In fact, E-Frag’s image is based on the quality and quantity of events that it hosts. As such, the organization felt that the existence of their own CS:GO team was hindering its primary goal. With resources and time being allocated to the squad and the competitions it took part in, there was probably less time for events to be hosted. So it makes sense that it released the CS:GO squad.

E-Frag.net Co-Founder and COO, Marko Milosevic made a statement regarding the release.

“We are sad to announce that we have let our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team go. We feel that having an eSports club goes against the competitive integrity of our tournaments and events. It’s also a barrier to achieving our long term goal of producing high quality events and broadcasts as well as developing grassroots CS:GO. We saw an opportunity with the team earlier last year and took it, it was an excellent learning curve for us and it helped us learn what teams experience and most importantly what they need during events and tournaments. We aren’t interested in pursuing our esports club project.

We are very proud of the team whilst they were under our organisation with how well they had performed. We hope that we provided them with the best environment for their professional development and were a stepping stone for their future

success. We would also like to thank the team for their time under our organisation and also to wish them luck wherever their new home may be.”

Saad Usmani

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