Complexity Secure Spot in ESL One Frankfurt

 Complexity Secure Spot in ESL One Frankfurt

With Team Alliance being the first team to be directly invited to the ESL One Frankfurt for this year, fans had been waiting for announcements on which squad would be next. OG was the squad to receive the second direct invite. 3 out of the 8 teams participating in the tournament were to receive direct invites, while the rest of the 5 were to be chosen through qualifiers in different regions.

It looks like the American qualifiers have come to an end, in the form of sweet victory for Complexity. The organization was able to secure their spot in the ESL One Frankfurt 2016.

Complexity’s journey through the American qualifiers was pretty smooth, being one of the better teams in the race. In fact, we were not surprised to note that they barely experienced any bumps along the way. The qualifiers’ final saw Complexity and Shazam going head to head for a spot at the ESL One Frankfurt.

Although Shazam had been giving Complexity somewhat of a tough time in recent encounters, the latter was usually able to outplay the former. The qualifier games were pretty much the same case.

The first game between the two was a close call and good entertainment. Both teams picked champions that were meant to form chemistry and launch team fights rather than solo play. When it came down to the actual fights, both were conceding and winning, with the CS tilting constantly. However, Complexity was able to win a couple of streaks which eventually led to them taking over.

The second game saw Complexity take control towards the end of the game with late-game champions like Faceless Void and Phantom Lancer. The final game was more of a push over for Complexity, although Shazam seemed to be using split pushes decently early on.

Complexity has shown quite a bit of resilience in recent games and with such an attitude, they could have a good shot at the ESL One Frankfurt 2016.

Saad Usmani

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