Cloud9 Create Youth Squad

 Cloud9 Create Youth Squad

Cloud9 is one of the bigger names heard around the Summoner’s Rift, well known for individual skill and team chemistry. The organization is now looking towards sowing a few seeds themselves and reaping the benefits later. The veteran team of Cloud9 will be heading a challenger squad representing the same organization in the challenger league.

This is a rather big step for an eSports organization. We’re looking at a move from just gearing up and getting ready to win tournaments and leagues, to actually imprinting a mark on the eSports industry. Cloud9 recently announced that the new season will be seeing a Challenger squad version of the organization, headed by coach Daerek ‘LemonNation’ Hart and veteran original team captain Hai Lam.

What they plan to achieve from this expansion is rather simple. Cloud9 wishes to train a pool of players that will be able to fill up spots in the LCS squad overtime. Obviously, with the Challenger squad being lead by Hai and Daerek themselves, whatever comes out of that pool will be ready or professional League of Legends.

In a video interview, Lam mentioned a certain amount of shuffling around in the LCS line up that will be inevitable.

“With the LCS team, since I’m doing this whole Challenger thing, that means the LCS roster is changing,” Lam said, though he wouldn’t reveal details about those changes. “Obviously since Balls and me are playing in the Challenger, in charge of that stuff, then we may not be the starter for the LCS team.”

The Challenger squad is in its infant stages and Lam suggests that there will be a lot of changes along the way. Nonetheless, this could be considered a Cloud9 youth camp that might just pump out talent along the way.

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