Cloud 9 Look to Grab Impact

 Cloud 9 Look to Grab Impact

Moving towards the spring split, we have already seen quite a lot of shuffling going on in the teams. Squads are looking to pump up their game and chemistry to grab more and better wins. It makes sense too. With the North American LCS underway, teams would want to make the best of what players they have and what they can get.

With the split almost at an end, Cloud 9 have set their eyes on NRG eSports to see if they can grab their Top Laner, Jung ‘Impact’ Yeong.

Although NRG took a rather unusual road to enter the North American LCS. The organization was able to grab an LCS spot from Team Coast with a monetary agreement. We know that the team that Cloud 9 will be putting forward is an usual mixture of Korean and North American players that don’t exactly have a lot of chemistry between them.

It looks like Cloud 9 seeks to counter that problem by bringing in all time favorite jungler William ‘Meteos’ Hartman after taking a one year break. That might solve a couple of issues if Meteos is able to mix things up with mid laner Nicolai ‘Jensen’ Jensen. If the organization is able to grab Impact, the top lane will be in capable hands. The squad can play around with the top lane by getting An ‘Balls’ Le, Impact, or even Meteos to take up the task.

Flexibility could provide Cloud 9 with the upper hand in the later games of the North America LCS. Let’s see if Impact’s move is finalized and how that plays out.

Saad Usmani

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