BTS Series SEA Back With 4th Season

 BTS Series SEA Back With 4th Season

The BTS Series SEA is one of those leagues that you wait for in order to find out which of the teams at the top deserve to be there. In addition, the tournament brings up rising teams looking to find an opportunity to come onto a larger platform. The SEA provides just that and more than enough entertainment for the fans. The fourth season of the BTS SEA Series is going to kick off on the 4th of April, the rampaging will go on until the 12th of April. At the end of this tournament, another Dota 2 squad will be given the championship title.

The previous champions, Fnatic, Execration, and TnC are already on the participation list and will be given the opportunity to defend their current titles. Not so surprisingly, MVP Phoenix are part of the tournament as well. They are ready to challenge the current champions for a shot at it themselves. Their first game will be against the Australian squad, Cant Say Wips. This game is going to be part of the single elimination bracket and a must win for either side if they want to go forward.

The tournament will kick off with Orange Taring going against Next Generation Esports. Orange is on a six loss streak and it will not be surprising if the match up turns out to be their seventh. As such the SEA 4 will begin with this game.

The prize pool that the teams will be going up against is the same $10,000 as before. First place will receive $5,000, second will get $3,000 while 3rd and 4th will receive $1,000. The tournament can be watched live in English by Beyond the Summit on their Twitch channel.

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