blackpoisoN Returns to Bravado


One of the more prominent teams in CS:GO South Africa, Bravado Gaming is looking to bring back memories and probably try to win a few more games. The squad is looking to bring back an old player in place of another that had remained in the lineup for quite some time.

Bravado Gaming made the announcement public on their website. Toby ‘blackpoisoN’ Da Loca will be returning to Bravado after a year and replace Richard ‘Deviant’ Groves in the active roster.

Deviant has been a member of Bravado Gaming since 2006. He is not being kicked out of the squad, instead, he will be remaining in the lineup at 6th position. On the other hand, blackpoisoN had spent the last year playing against top notch players in Sweden. Now he is ready to return to his old squad and apply what he’s learned.

Bravado Gaming IGL Dimitri ‘Detrony’ Hadjipaschali made a statement regarding the shuffle.

“Almost heart broken to realize I won’t be playing with deviaNt in the active roster anymore. Somebody I have shared so much success with, a real solid pillar in the Bravado line-up since 2006 side by side with myself. One of the most humble, easy going and all round solid Counter-strike players South Africa’s ever seen, stepping into a 6th and substitute role is just not going to be the same, thank you for everything, and everything you have taught me.

Very excited to welcome back blackpoison filling in this spot, for the long run and the end goal we are so eager to achieve, someone who definitely shares equal vision as the four of us. I have no doubt that Robby will bring so much value to the line-up, especially returning from Sweden after a year and finding much success in the FPL playing amongst the best players in the world.”