Association France Esport and the Numeric Law

 Association France Esport and the Numeric Law

On the 27th of April, 2016, the French Government along with a few of the country’s Senators, Minister Axelle Lemaire, and a handful of eSports organizations, decided to take the next big step in promoting eSports in France. The parties came together to form the Federation France Esport. However, the entity has a long way to go to actually becoming the federation that it seeks to be.

Axelle Lemaira is the Minister in charge of the Numeric Law. He officially announced the launch of the Federation yesterday and made amendments to the Numeric Law, keeping in consideration the promotion of eSports.

To summarize the amendments made into the Numeric Law, we can say that the alterations seek to legalize eSports in France and allocate deserved resources to organizations and players in relation with the industry. The purpose is to accept eSports as an industry and culture large enough to be called a sport and respected as such. Other details of the amendments include contractual alterations that state that an eSports professional will be hired by an organization on a contractual basis. These contracts have to last a minimum of 12 months. The amendments go to the extent of allocating penalties to parties breaking any of the rules that are set. These penalties even include possible jail time.

Overall, it looks like the French government wishes to establish eSports as a professional industry and specialization with certain processes and progress. For the most part, this is encouraging for the platform itself. However, some pointers are of concern. For example, the French Government differentiated between eSports and sports by forming a new Federation for the former. The upside of this seems to be undivided attention to eSports as an industry.

The Federation France Esport has a long way to go to become an actual federation. With the amendments still in process, the entity does not have a lot of power. However, with more and more organizations joining the federation, we might see expansion and growth in terms of autonomy and opportunity for the Federation.

Saad Usmani

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