1v1 McCree Tournament

 1v1 McCree Tournament

Overwatch is another first person shooter that is yet to arrive on to the eSports platform properly. When the game launched, there were definitely a bunch of small tournaments. But larger organizations had been looking towards the game for broader perspectives. Many of these were awaiting its arrival on to the platform in a big way. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if Overwatch were to receive the same amount of glamor that CS:GO received after arriving to eSports. Now, quite a handful of somewhat large scale tournaments and leagues have begun. Weekly tournaments are commonplace in Overwatch.

As such, yet another subtle scale Overwatch tournament is about to begin. Miroverwatch, the Russian fan website has announced the Hot Noon: 1vs1 only McCree tournament. The games are going to be more like McCree shootouts.

The tournament pays homage the style of McCree himself. The games that will take place in the McCree tournament seem actually fun. 1vs1 is going to be based on a single patch of the Hollywood map. The ‘battle arena’ looks like the perfect setting of a cowboy style shootout straight out of a Wild West movie.

The rules are simple. Two players will stand on either side of a Mei Icewall that will act as a countdown for the shooting to start. Neither player is going to be allowed to close-aim and shoot. Player movement is going to be restricted to a patch of the map, going outside will result in a disqualification. The bracket rounds will be best of three, while the finals will be best of five.

We’re pretty sure the idea of this tournament is to test reflexes and reaction time of the players. Although the prize pool is a rather small 1200 Russian Rubles, the focus is more on having a good shootout. It kicks off on the 9th of April.

Saad Usmani

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