Yoggi Yalla Cup Launched for Scandinavian Teams

 Yoggi Yalla Cup Launched for Scandinavian Teams

CS:GO has come up as eSports game in a tremendous way. The counter strike offspring has already sported dozens of tournaments on a global scale. The ESL boasts a CS:GO championship league that scales beyond any other, offering tens of millions of dollars in prize money. Top tier teams as well numerous underdogs go head to head in every tournament.

As such, there are only a handful of tournaments that cater to rising talent and teams that have started off. The recently announced Razer Rising Star League is one that is focused on bringing fresh talent to the professional level.

Recently, Fragbite has announced that it will be hosting a brand new CS:GO tournament by the name of the Yoggi Yalla Cup. It is refreshing to see small scale tournaments and leagues kicking off, particularly ones offering up a certain amount of prestige.

The Yoggi Yalla Cup is going to be an online CS:GO tournament that will only be open to teams based out Scandinavia. Although the tournament’s reach is narrowed, it is an attempt to bring local talent to a bigger platform.

For the most part, online cups come and go without being noticed much. This is usually because the cups are unable to offer up more than a couple thousand dollars as prize pools. The Yoggi Yalla Cup on the other hand, is set out to be one of the very few online tournaments that will offer up to $18,000 as a prize pool. Scandinavian teams will be clashing against one another to get a piece of that major pie.

The cup will follow the usual pattern that most leagues do. The qualifiers will commence shortly on the 22nd of March 2016 and go up to June 7th. This will allow a larger number of teams to participate. The finals weekend will begin on June 11th. More information about registration and dates can be found on the official Fragbite page for the Yoggi Yalla Cup.

Keeping the spirit of eSports alive, here’s to more leagues like the Yoggi Yalla and Razer Rising Star.

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