Yet Another KotW Tournament About to Kick Off

 Yet Another KotW Tournament About to Kick Off

King of the Watch tournament kicked off again this Friday with IDDQD dominating the stage initially. The defending champions of the tournament will go up against the latest challenger, Mixup.

Creation Esports is responsible for holding the King of the Watch tournament almost every week. Teams compete against one another to hold their ground and become king of the watch. The rules are pretty simple. Name of the game is called Stopwatch. Each team needs to complete a picked map in offense and defense. The team with the best timing wins.

IDDQD has retained its championship king position for a while and is all set to take up any challenger. Mixup has been coming up as a strong contender to try and over throw the current king. Last week however, IDDQD trampled FlatEarth to keep its position intact and increasing its win streak.

Now that team Mixup has spun the wheel, it is going to be pretty exciting to find out whether they can overthrow IDDQD off their mountain or not. Both teams are probably planning vigorously; IDDQD would not want any challenger to take their title away and Mixup will do anything to accomplish just that.

It is a straight forward series of 7 games with the challenger picking the first map. The loser will pick the map for the next game. There is a small $120 prize for whichever team wins. But most importantly, the winner will take the title of King of the Watch.

The game kicks off on 18th March, 2016 at 11 PM CET 6 PM EST. Head on over to Creation Esports official Twitch page for a live stream of the game.

Saad Usmani

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