Yasuo Support? ggwp

 Yasuo Support? ggwp

Yasuo is considered a champion that does well at mid. You’ve probably seen him top frequently. Well, it’s time to take the samurai to the bottom lane as a support.

Don’t be a flamer. We believe in League being what it is because of the uniqueness of gameplay and strategies involved on the Rift.

They key to playing Yasuo as a support successfully, is to be able to use his abilities to the max. Surprisingly, the build does not matter as much. But don’t get Doran’s Blade as a starting item, get a Long Sword instead. You want to be able to poke the opposing duo, farming is for your ADC.

Yasuo has a frigging passive that stacks into a tornado with just two Qs. It’s not rocket science to be able to use that. The opposing ADC is literally too focused on his/her farm to pay a lot of attention to the tornado. If for some reason the opposing duo starts moving about when they spot your passive, all they do is lose farming minions.

Try to see if any jungle monsters are available once you’re level 3 or 4. You want to be able to build the Shiv on Yasuo ASAP. Ping your ADC to care and head into the jungle, preferable the Krugs since they’re closer.

We don’t need to mention the importance of constantly using your Wind Wall to protect your ADC. Practically cast it every time it cools down.

When ready for an offensive, you want to play Yasuo the way any normal Yasuo player would, with only one change. Let your ADC grab the kill. The dashing and Q strikes need to be spammed like we know you already do. Just try to use the Wind Wall to safeguard your ADC when launching an offensive.

Once you hit level 6, don’t hold back, unless you’re being thrashed around. In that case you want to be under your turret until things simmer down. Other than that, at 6, you want to ult the ADC at almost every opportunity you get. Sure you might die often, but your ADC will get much needed kills.

At about level 7, start getting a few minions. Your ADC might flame but you know you need some of that gold. Remind your ADC he/she wouldn’t have gotten any kills without you. Continue with a normal Yasuo build and go full offensive if the start has gone well.

Saad Usmani

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