Virtus.Pro Stagger Through Immunity in Counter Pit S2 Quarter Finals


Although it was pretty difficult, the Polish team Virtus.Pro got through to the Semi Finals of the Counter Pit S2. They had to beat Team Immunity which isn’t exactly a pushover. VP will now be facing either Natus Vincere or Flipsid3 Tactics ESP.

So the match-up between VP and Immunity kicked off and Immunity took the lead 4-0 as the CT side. VP was able to deuce the score pretty soon and went on to take the lead at 6-4. There were quite a few instances where CT member Mohammed MOEY Tizani had pretty much gifted himself as a free kill to VP, and even allowed the Terrorists to pass through him while he hid.

The pistol rounds as always were more exciting with both teams single clicking rapidly and strafing both ways. The second pistol round saw an exciting face-off when Wiktor TaZ Wojtas and Chris emagine Rowland went head to head after the latter had taken out three of the opposing team’s members. Despite Immunity pulling off decent pistol rounds, VP was able to end the phase with a 11-7 team.

The first gun round was won by Immunity with two of their members nullifying VP’s gun advantage, bringing the score to 11-9. However, in the following gun rounds, VP got the better of Immunity, ending the game at 16-11.

Although VP got through to the semifinals, a lot of fans are skeptical about the next match. Most do not think that the Polish team will be able to counter Natus or FlipSid3. We’ll have to wait and see.