Veteran Hearthstone Player Takes Fourth GosuCup

 Veteran Hearthstone Player Takes Fourth GosuCup

The GosuCup SEA 4 kicked off a with the original king of the SEA getting back to the top of the tables.

Dustin ‘WaningMoon’ Mangulabnan entered the 4th installment of the GosuCup SEA and has been rampaging his way to the top. The Filipino Hearthstone player has proved that he remains dominant in his region and took the cup home.

Last year in January, WaningMoon broke GosuCup cornerstones. One of these was getting the cup’s first and only hat-trick win. However, 2015 was not an entirely successful year for the gamer in terms of Hearthstone competitions. He had failed to grab a single GosuCup gold and thus was unable to reach the APAC finals for the world championship.

This GosuCup, WaningMoon was not going to let last year’s failures occur again. And this Sunday he manifested his resolve in a grueling five game final against Aaron Koh. After defeating Aaron, he too his 4th GosuCup, $300 and 3 HCT points for the championships.

The standings for the GosuCup have WaningMoon at first place with $300 and 3 HCT points, Aaron Koh with $150 and 2 HCT points, Anothersy with $50 and 1 HCT point, and JensonCCS with 1 HCT point.

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