Two More Old Gods Cards

 Two More Old Gods Cards

The G2 eSports manager, Lothar and Chinese game streamer ZhangDing have revealed two new additions to the Old Gods card. Recently, with Whispers of the Old Gods kicked off and rolling, more and more cards have been revealed. Some of these reveals were carried out way quicker than we expected Blizzard to. After a couple of finisher cards like Nzoth were brought into the open, a demand for minion cards rose. And it made sense too, a good deck would need an army of a particular type of minions for the finisher card to do its job. As such, another decent minion card along with an attribute based card, have been revealed.

Nightmare Dragon is one of the few minion cards that boast scaling effects in Hearthstone. Starting with 2/8 for the 6-drop start, the effect doubles over a single attack turn of the controller that is using it. If it is not dealt with early on and given the advantage of a couple of turns, the Nightmare Dragon goes up to 4/8, 8/8, even 16/8 and beyond.

The problem with this minion though, is that it is difficult to protect over 2 or more turns. It costs a bit high as well. To properly make Nightmare Dragon survive for a few turns, it would be wise to use cheap buffs like Paladin’s Blessing of Might. This could possibly take the effect to 10/8 on the 8th turn, making it quite monstrous.

Steward of Darkshire is one that could fit pretty well with Paladin. The card grants divine shield to a minion when it is summoned. Somewhat tilted towards the aggro-paladin side, you could use this one with a few combinations to get the upper hand.

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