Team Secret Signs WRTP

 Team Secret Signs WRTP

Unfortunately enough, the eSports competitive scene is dominated by male players. Most of the games have male populated teams dominating the top of the tables. However, WRTP (We Run This Place) has shown the eSports community that women can game and be pretty darn good at it. Recently, they got signed by Team Secret.

WRTP have had brilliant runs winning local and a few global tournaments playing CS:GO. In fact, they are currently considered the top female in the competitive eSports scene. Almost every tournament attended by the squad has been dominated by them, and now they have turned heads.

A recent win over CLG Red at Intel Challenge Katowice brought WRTP into the spotlight for Team Secret to see. Having been organization-less in all of the tournaments that TWRP has attended, the squad is now under contract with Team Secret. Team Secret’s Twitter announcement made the deal official:

‘Welcome @juliakiran @mimimimicheater @zAAzCSGO @nyloncsgo @vilgaCS to our family! Congrats to our female CSGO team!’

This is a big step for the women in WRTP towards a better professional gaming career. Although the same squad has been seen playing under a few popular CS:GO names like Bad Monkey Gaming, Team Secret takes things to the next level.

The new Team Secret CS:GO roster includes Nikolett “nylon” Keszeli, Michaela “mimimicheater” Lintrup, Zainab “zaaz” Turkie, Julia “juliano” Kiran, and Ksenia “vilga” Kluenkova.

The eSports community has steadily grown over the decade, and it’s about time that women make their mark in the culture. Fans would love to see more teams like WRTP rising up to a higher competitive level.

Saad Usmani

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