Team Blaze Turns Tables in ETS Playoffs

 Team Blaze Turns Tables in ETS Playoffs

Enter the Storm NA Cup 2 featured the top half of its playoffs with Team Naventic, Team Blaze, COGnitive, and Gale Force eSports. Team Blaze had changed up its entire roster. A lot of people were skeptical about this but it paid off immensely.

The first match was between Cognitive and Team Blaze. The game was pretty much tied up before it even started. Both teams were evenly matched. The game that followed after the champion pick was grueling 36-minute run on the Dragon Shire. The third game was played on Sky Temple. Blaze was able to dominate the game with brilliant play from Greymane on their side, sending Cognitive to the lower tables.

Team Blaze took a pretty big risk changing up their lineup. The decision was properly tested in the match up against Cognitive, and it came through.

Having defeated Cognitive, the next match featured Blaze going up against Naventic. Early on in the game, Naventic seemed to be on top of things. However, Blaze was quick to turn things around with brilliant plays as early as the draft screen. Blaze used Xul, Tyrande, and Jaina to form up a neat burst combo in the first game, which they won without a lot of difficulty. Utilizing Rehgar and Brightwing along with Stitches and Falstad in the next game, allowed Blaze a genius strategy that got them the win.

Naventic was probably the crowd favorite but it seemed like the support was not enough got them to win any games. They fell out with 0 to 2 and headed to the lower tables.

The final match of the Cup was between the lower tables. Gale Force eSports and Cognitive went head to head. After well placed decisions during pick stage, Cognitive went on to win the match up 2 to 1.

The winners bracket semifinals start soon, stay tuned.

Saad Usmani

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