Team Ambush Kicked Out of Heroes of the Dorm

 Team Ambush Kicked Out of Heroes of the Dorm

Heroes of the Dorm is pretty much what the title of tournament says. A Blizzard organized tournament that includes teams from universities, competing against one another. A very decent platform for someone looking to join the eSports scene professionally, while still completing their studies. Golden opportunity in fact. However, there are always a handful of people who take advantage of the system and try to cheat their way to the top.

Blizzard probably doesn’t care whether you cheat on your exams or not, but the company is willing to take strict action if you intend to cheat in one of their tournaments. Recently, after an investigation carried out by the company itself along with Tespa, it was found that Team Ambush of Harvard had been sharing accounts.

To be more precise, one of the team members of Team Ambush had shared his account with another top rated player on This other person was not part of the official Ambush team, and thus not allowed to take part in the tournament.

A statement from Heroes of the Dorm officials said, “We have zero tolerance for cheating in our tournaments. The rules are in place to ensure a fair playing field for all participants.”

Team Ambush was immediately disqualified because of misrepresentation from one member.

Honestly, the steadfast action that Blizzard took is somewhat reassuring; the eSports industry is in the hands of organizations willing to take it further without corruption. According to Blizzard, the tournament is supposed to be about bringing an equal opportunity for all participants. And that is exactly what it is doing.

This was not the first time that a team had cheated in Heroes of the Dorm this year. Team Hot Boys of Michigan was also kicked out for almost the same reasons.

To keep the tournament moving in good spirit, Blizzard has decided to recall previous teams and set up matches between Golden Mishas from Berkley and Team Tilt from Indiana-Purdue. These games will decided who goes forward to Super Sixteeen.

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