PGL and HTC have partnered up to launch a new, unique tournament that will bring players on a 1vs1 CS:GO platform. This is not an entirely different tournament, we see 1vs1 LANs quite some. However, a 1vs1 LAN tournament for a highly team-based game like CS:GO, now that is something to look out for. Also, watching HTC get into the eSports scene is something that is noteworthy.

With eSports getting bigger by literally the day, it is kind of encouraging to see more and more organizations place a few stakes in the industry.

The PGL and HTC 1vs1 LAN tournament features $25,000 for players to fight for. We have seen quite a handful of great tournaments and cups for CS:GO all through last year and many more this year. PGL and HTC decided to step outside the classic 5vs5 format and went for something they know will bring fans together.

The tournament will bring up a total of 16 players that rank preferably top on a global stage. PGL studios will host the LAN environment on the 23rd and 24th of April. What’s more exciting, especially for the players, is that the $25,000 prize is the lion’s share that will be up for grabs.

PGL has decided to make the tournament more exciting by inviting top players as well as rising players. This will keep the spirit of eSports alive, as well as give the fans something to cheer about.

The first two names that were announced as invites were both AWPers, Ladislav ‘GuardiaN’ Kovacs, and Kenny ‘KennyS’ Schrub. Both these players are ranked top in their roles and it’s going to be exhilarating to watch them go head to head.

Let’s wait and see who else joins the 1vs1 stage.